Too free adult house party ADV -Core gamers who can capture almost all NPCs! Three indie selections of this week

GAME*SPARK editorial department recommends three selections of three specials in the 4th week of June!

This week, a bad girl’s school life shim Detained: too Good for School , which combines action RPG and love elements, an open world survival village making sim set in the Warring States period Sengoku Dynasty There are three of the adult house party adventure House Party for adults who can capture almost all NPCs.

Detained: too Good for School

This work is a school life simulation that combines action RPG and love elements. O.T.K Games, who worked on the metroidvania THE VAGRANT, is in charge of development, and is one of the features of handwritten graphics like Vanilaware works.

The protagonist of this work is a bloody bad girl. She is trapped and housed in a juvenile institution on the day she moved to a new city. She later encountered a girl Julie, who was also involved in the conspiracy, and after the release, they work together to unravel her truth.

However, they are students who are bad girls. You will need to go to school and study during the daytime on weekdays. In addition, you can make money with a part-time job like a good child, or you can attack passers-by like a bad girl and take it quickly. However, be careful in the police’s eyes.

The battle follows the The Vagrant system and has a refreshing and reliable response. Please take a look at this trial version of the play repo, so please take a look.


The second development team video of the latest work SENGOKU Dynasty given by TOPLITZ PRODUCTIONS, who was in charge of sales of medieval survival Medieval Dynasty, has been released.

This work is a simulation of open world survival village, set in the ** Sengoku period. Set in Japan during the feudal era, we will develop a village located in the beautiful sea of the sea. The map is an open world, and you can see Japanese-style uniqueness everywhere, from the lush forests, the summit with snow makeup, the hot springs wrapped in cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and hot springs.

Players are charismatic, aiming to be the leaders who collect villagers, wearing weapons and tools, going on the path of craftsmen, and living as a samurai to protect the villages and loved ones. You can do it. It also supports multiplayer online, and seems to be able to cooperate with friends to create a village.

House Party

This work is a comedy party game for adults who are too free to use with the theme of the 90’s house party. Early access has started on June 30, 2017, and official release has been decided on July 15, local time.

The player will participate in a party held at a friend’s house and survive the night, surrounded by unique participants. In this work, the player’s actions have a major impact on the game, and 15 NPCs will develop further stories according to their actions and remarks.

Also, depending on the liking with the NPC, it seems that a good friend, regardless of gender, can be in a better relationship, and if you are hated, you may fall into a hostile situation. In the official version, you will be able to play as a woman, and you can pursue romantic choices such as gay, bisexual, and lesbian. In addition, an expanded DLC story will be distributed in the fall of 2022 that the Grammy Award-winning artist Doga Cat will appear as a party participant **. Dogger Cat himself is in charge of the voice and is working closely in the creation of costumes.

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