GTA 6: A complicated development? For these reasons the game has not been shown yet

It is difficult to talk about Grand Theft Auto 6, since we only know it is in development and nothing else. We have been waiting for many years even if it is an image, but the latest data that arrives do not seem very hopeful.

Although what we are going to tell you is not official information, we want to highlight it before anything else. We talk about a rumor from Tom Henderson, a well-known insider of the industry. According to him, it still remains to play GTA 6..

A more complicated development than expected for GTA 6

The COVID-19 has greatly influenced the developments of recent times and several games that we expected eagerly have seen their launch date delayed. According to Tom Henderson, it seems that this is one of the main reasons why GTA 6 will not see the light immediately .

According to a report published through Comicbook, Tom Henderson has effectively stated that the development of the title of the firm star current.

At the moment it would not make sense to be alarmed, and still according to Tom Henderson, we should see the launch of GTA 6 during the year 2025, or hopefully, in 2024 . So while we can enjoy a bit (much) of the online mode of GTA 5, with, hope, the announcement of a new DLC starring one of the protagonists of the story: Michael.

GTA 6, an online mode very different from the current one?

A few days ago we had several information, which today are only rumors, but that still seem to indicate the next content of what should be the online mode of GTA 6. They are speculation, so you have to take with tweezers the different statements, But they point out that we will have 4 playable characters for the online, each with their own history and their bank account.


In addition, there would be a story of gangs with the balls on the one hand and the families on the other, all in Carcer City.

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