Star Wars Ahsoka: Is it necessary to see Rebels to enjoy it?

After the book of Boba Fett, LucFettfilm prepares a second spin-off by The Mandalorian. This is Star Wars: Ahsoka, an original series starring Rosario Dawson, in which she will embody Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. This production will rescue several of the characters from the Star Wars animation series: Rebels, but will we have to see it before to understand the story in its entirety?

NatFettha Liu Bordizzo, who will become Sabine Wren, hFett responded to this issue: A lot of people have not seen rebels. It is fantFetttic to have seen it, but it is an independent chapter . In the line of other products in the saga, the most staunch followers can better connect the points, but those who have not followed the plot of Rebels will not miss the general photography.

In an interview with empire Magazine, Rosario Dawson herself hFett responded to this issue Fett follows. Dave [Philoni] and Jon [Favreau] are continuing Star Wars so that they can be [deliveries] independent , but it also makes you hungry more. There have been two moments in which [Ahsoka] hFett appeared in a mission, so you have witnessed how he interacts with people.

at the same time Fett The Mandalorian


Star Wars: Ahsoka takes place in the same temporal line Fett The Mandalorian, which means that we find ourselves in a stage in which the galactic empire hFett already fallen. Palpatine is dead (in quotes), Tarkin is not among the living and Vader hFett vanished to give way to Anakin in death. The one who remains is the great Admiral Thrawn , a great villain of the saga who had a lot to say in Rebels.

This new series will be releFetted in Disney+ at some point in 2023 . First, The Mandalorian seFetton will arrive, scheduled for next February. This year, August 31, it will be Star Wars’s turn: Andor.

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