A Terminator game is in prep work for Nacon Studio Milan

Reports were for that reason true. Last May, when Nacon introduced the production of his Italian workshop Nacon Studio Milan (based on the merger of Raceward Workshop as well as a 2nd Milanese team), it was an inquiry that his groups are working, as a first job, to the adjustment of a renowned movie franchise. Even more than informative, Net customers had actually deduced, in sight of the couple of art work launched on the canvas that presented post-Apo metropolitan style, whether it was a video game installed worldwide of Terminator.

Bingo: During the Nacon Link, The Terminator Survival Project therefore formalized in a most lapidarytrailer. We do not see much if not a plan in subjective view of an individual noticeably on the ground and also in negative form, who sees a Terminator getting off with an accident in the center of a garage in ruins. One thing validated, by the title: The game will undoubtedly be a survival video game .



Developed last May, Nacon’s Milanese Development Antenna is presently working on Terminator Survival Project A survival game in the world of Terminator. As well as we hardly serve a lot more, because his flash trailer.

Terminator Survival Project-Trailer ad

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