Kakao Games Uma Musume, newly developed Uma Musume Biwa Hayahide update

-Unveils ‘Biwa Hayahide’, a theoreticist Umamusume who deliberately breaks down any problems


-Added 4 types of ‘Support Card’ to help develop character

-The 1st Legend Race: Japan Cup with various rewards in progress

Today (13th), Kakao Games has updated the contents of the mobile game developed by Cygames, releasing 4 new ‘Uma Musume’, ‘Biwa Hayahide’ and ‘Support Card’..

First of all, ‘Biwa Hayahide’, a new ‘nurturing umamusume’ introduced this time, is a theoretical group that systematically overcomes any problems, has a lot of knowledge as it is big-headed, and places importance on practice and execution, so it often ends in a pedagogical discussion. n1. She also honed all her abilities to counter the overwhelming talent of her younger brother, Narita Bryan.

In this update, along with the new nurturing Uma Musume, 4 types of ‘support cards’ have been added to help character nurture. Users scoff at ‘SSR’s fool Mejiro Farmer’, ‘Don’t neglect the SR warm-up movement Ikuno Dictus’, ‘R Tressen Academy Mejiro Farmer’, and ‘R Tressen Academy Ikuno Dictus’ can be seen

Kakao Games will hold the currently held ‘The 1st Legend Race: Japan Cup’ until the 20th to provide various rewards to users who challenge the ‘Legend Uma Musume’.

is a training simulation game in which characters inherit the names and souls of real race horses and compete to achieve their dreams by winning the race.

Immediately after the official service on June 20, it took the first place in the popularity rankings in both major markets, and it is continuing its box office success by ranking first in the Apple App Store’s top sales rankings and second in the Google Play’s top sales rankings.

Detailed information about this update of can be found on Brand Page, Official KakaoTalk Channel, Official Community, etc.

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