Deck-building roguelike Super Bullet Break to be delivered on August 12th. Strategy battles with organized decks, repair buggy game worlds

BeXide Inc. announced on July 14th that it will deliver a deck-building roguelike strategy game Super Bullet Break on August 12th. Supported platforms are Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PC (Steam / Mac App Store). The price is 2800 yen for the Nintendo Switch version, 2860 yen for the PS4 version, and the Nintendo Switch version is 10% off at 2520 yen (both including tax).


  • English version of the gameplay video. This work also supports Japanese display.

Super Bullet Break is a deck-building roguelike strategy game where you fight with the unique and cute character Bullet. In the world of this work, one day an unexplained error occurs and games around the world can no longer be played. Akari, Sumire, and Hikaru, the main characters who love games, meet the mysterious girl Nayuta and the black cat of AI, and they will start investigating the cause.

This work contains seven missions with the motif of nostalgic retro games such as romance games, rhythm games, and shooting games. As you progress through the maps in the mission, you will challenge turn-based battles with enemies and repair the world of each game.

In turn-based battles, build a deck with the collected bullets and fight. Barrett, which is represented by cute characters such as girls and animals, is characterized by the fact that the attack power, attack range, unique skills, etc. are set, and the character profile is also prepared. Barrett can also be strengthened by equipping it with a cart that has a unique effect. This will expand the range of deck construction.

A new bullet can be obtained while capturing the mission. You can also buy it with the item at Shopmass. A total of more than 160 characters have appeared in Barrett. Playing many times and collecting all the bullets is one of the goals of this game. In addition, you can meet other characters at the event mass. Various events occur, some of which help and some of which seem to interfere.

As you progress through the story, you will be able to choose from the three main characters to play. Each has its own characteristics, and Akari has a lot of HP, so you can build an aggressive magazine (deck). Violet possesses one random item, making it easy to build a stable magazine. And Hikaru is said to be able to form a technical magazine by adding ★ 2 to the initial magazine. It’s a good idea to choose according to your play style.

Super Bullet Break will be distributed to Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PC (Steam / Mac App Store) on August 12th. The trial version is currently being distributed on Steam, and it will be distributed for Nintendo Switch / PS4 from July 21st. If you are interested, try the trial version first.

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