Kakao Games Investment in PTE MMORPG by Redlab Games

Redlab Games was founded last year by a man who previously held senior positions in Smilegate, Ntreev, Neowiz and Blue Potion Games. The studio immediately took up the development of the World Korean Mmorpg Project R with the Play-to-Earn functionality. Now it became known that Kakao Games became interested in this project, which are from now on one of the investors (the exact figures of investment are not named).

The main condition of the transaction was the obligation of the studio to release their MMORPG on the BORA Portal blockchain platform, which is also visited by Archeworld. At the moment, we know that Project R is developed on the Unity engine and should become a mobile MMORPG with a PC client. At least, it is indicated by vacancies on the developers’ website. It is also likely that the game will use the same view of the character and the world that is used in Diablo and Lost Ark.

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