Diablo Immortal: The best demon hunter

In this demon hunter building for Diablo Immortal

  • How to select the right stats & skills
  • What legendary objects and gemstones you need
  • How you play the demon hunter building correctly

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For which activities is the demon hunter building suitable?

This build is best for the demon hunter for PVE activities . Due to its high area of single targets, it is ideally suited for solo ramparts and dungeons or oldest portals. However, the demon hunter can withstand little-good positioning and optimal movement are the key to success.

Which attributes are important?

With the demon hunter, you are fully concerned with strength and persistence. The strength is your main attribute and persistence ensures more armor-impact-so even more damage. It is best to have vitality on your equipment so that you can damage more.

  1. strength
  2. perseverance
  3. Vitality
  4. willpower
  5. Intelligence

It is particularly important with this build that you increase the damage to your primary attacks and the coincidence of the skills.


skills of the demon hunter

Important : The damage to the skills scales with your strength-the basic damage is given in the table. All values are taken from the WoWHead.de database.

Ability Effect
Crossbow shot Shoots an arrow that causes 840 to 1,176 damage. You move more slowly.


Improves crossbow shot for 12 seconds, increases the damage per hit to 1,102 to 1,365, fires arrow salves and increases your speed of movement.

Multiple shot | Firing an arrow salva that inflicts damage to all opponents in one direction 945. A maximum of 3 charges.
Rachehagel | Firing a huge arrow salva into the air, which rains down for several seconds and inflicts 2,632 damage to all opponents in the course of 4 seconds.
daring swing | Swing down to a place nearby on a rope and adds to opponents on the way 1,115 damage. You are unassailable in the meantime. A maximum of 2 charges.
revenge | Active : Transform yourself into the embodiment of the revenge for 6 seconds, so that each primary attack fires two additional shots with 211 damage each.

Passive : Increases the speed of movement for each opponent nearby by 3 percent and can be stacked up to 10 times.

Legendary objects for the demon hunter building

Legendary object Effect
Vision of lost While revenge, every defeated opponent extends the remaining duration of revenge by 0.2 seconds to a maximum extension of 2.4 seconds.
path of the ruin All caused damage while revenge increases by 6%.
Shadow flight breast plate Rachehagel duration increased by 30%.
Shoulder protection of the hailk Rachehagel is reinforced by frost, inflicts damage to all opponents and refrains them.
Flame Bosiness Multiple shot now fires fire arrows, the opponents harm and burn them.
The hunger Crossbow shot is now overwhelming opponents and hits additional opponents behind them.

equipment set for the build

For the demon hunter building, the set War gap by Shal’baas is ideal. There are the following setbones on this, which significantly increase your primary attacks.

2 Seret bonus *: Damage of primary attacks increased by 15%.
4-Set bonus : Primary attacks gradually increase your speed of attack, up to a maximum of 25%.
6-Set bonus : Primary attacks have a chance of 5%to increase your speed of attack for 10 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

legendary gemstones

Legendary gemstones Characteristic
Eye of the berserker Increases the response by 0.75%.

+8 combat rating.

Increases your damage caused by 5.5%, but your damage suffered by 6%.

Ca’arsen’s strengthening | Increases the response by 15.

+8 combat rating.

Increases the speed of your primary attack by 5.5%.

Bloody influence | Increases the response by 30.

+18 combat rating.

Increases your damage by 2% for every 2 meters between you and the opponent hit-up to a maximum of 8% at 8 meters.

Increased fangzahn | Increases the response by 30.

+12 combat rating.

Each attack against an opponent increases the damage that he suffers from you by 0.8%-up to a maximum of 8% stacked at 10.

Blood-soaked Jade | Increases the response by 30.

+18 combat rating.

Increases your damage caused by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. However, the lower life is reduced-the lower your life-up to a minimum of 4%.

Dripping bile | Increases the response by 30.

+18 combat rating.

Your attacks have a chance of 4% to poison opponents, making 25% basic damage +6 seconds per second per second. This poison spreads to opponents nearby when the victim dies. The same goal can only be affected every 20 seconds.

How do I play the demon hunter building?

This build is primarily about distributing damage as high as possible. To do this, use it as often as possible revenge-the ability benefits from your legendary objects and intensify your damage-output immensely.

In large opposite, your multiple shot and Rachehagel use. If it becomes dangerous for your demon hunter, you can ventilate with a dared swing.

In rare opponents and bosses, you use the primary attack crossbow shot , which causes enormous individual target damage due to your high speed of attack.

Which paragon talents make sense for the summarized of the dead?

The Damage reinforcements from the conquered talent tree represent the first choice for the demon hunter-this is how you speed up your runs. If you do not quite have the positioning out yet and take a little more damage, the talent tree of the survival artist is well suited for you.

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