Young people prefer to use tiktok before Google

Something that is no doubt is that Tiktok has become one of the world’s largest social networks, this is due to the ease with which people can entertain. And now, it is mentioned that they could even defeat Internet search engines, as young people prefer to access the application first than something else in the cell phone.

In the most recent event called Brainstorm Tech in its edition 2022 , Prabhakar Raghavan , vice president of Google , acknowledged that young people first access Tiktok or Instagram before your search engine. Being a kind of indirect threat to the yellow company, even when the approaches are not as similar as one can think.

This is what he commented:


Young people do not come with pre-established expectations. In our work studies, almost 40% of those looking for a place to eat do not use Google Maps, Chrome or the search engine. They are inclined to Tiktok or Instagram. So think about it, the trip begins in different forms to those of before, in visually interesting forms.

It is worth mentioning that at no time is it being confirmed that this application will replace Google , after all the functions are normally different in users. In addition, it is still a percentage that can be considered to improve some ideas, but does not reach the degree of alarming the company to apply an abrupt change.

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