Nexon conducts Mabinogi first large summer update Next New Beast

-The support for new and return millesian growth is key, easier and faster growth

-Substrate Millesian benefits, growth items and beginner required skills

Model actor Kang Hye-won released an update advertisement video released

Nexon announced today that it will carry out the first large summer update ‘NEXT New Beast’ in the online game Mabinogi.

This update is the key to growth support for new and return Millet. It reorganizes various growth factors and supports faster and easier growth through smooth supply and demand and training difficulty adjustment of the Ability Point required for early growth.

First of all, it offers beginner Millesian benefits such as changing the beginner level level and the free payment of the Soul Stone for beginners to a character with less than 10,000 levels. Reorganize the Blony’s Growth Support quest to support rapid growth to 20,000 cumulative levels, and change the cumulative level directly without reincarnation.

In order to help smooth growth, we offer various benefits such as skills, memory weapons, pets, and doll bags. In addition, to support faster growth, it will greatly reduce the difficulty of skill training and victory, music and life reputation, Grandmaster, and Knights of Social Skills.

In addition, change the beginner’s channel to 10,000 levels, and increase the appearance that can be selected in the character creation window. In addition, it will showcase the hypnosis for travelers who are scared of spiders, which turns the spider into a cute aroma bear, and adds a quest order bulletin board that can improve only the essential quests in the quest window and to check the non-essential quests separately.

Nexon will offer a variety of rewards through the ‘NEXT New Beast’ update through the ‘Together GYM’ event.

During the summer update period, it provides ‘perfect GYM’, which supports various growth benefits such as items and buffs, and all can acquire guild binding buffs, guild rewards, friends invitation points, and KakaoTalk emoticons. Go ‘.

In addition, if you produce a video on the official website ‘Millesian TV’ or actively participate in the bulletin board, you will be offering Nexon Cash.

Meanwhile, Nexon released a video of advertising that emphasizes the easy and fast growth support of the update by starring Mabinogi model actor Kang Hye-won.

Nexon Min Kyung-hoon, director of Nexon, said, We have prepared various growth factors to events as it is the first update prepared after communication with you, he said.

For more information about Mabinogi’s first large summer update, NEXT New Beast, can be found on the official website **.

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