Kakao Games recruits 2nd Youth and Youth Digital Supporters to bridge the digital alienation gap

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) announced on the 18th that it will recruit two youth and youth digital supporters to bridge the digital marginalized gap with Seongnam Youth Foundation (CEO Jin Mi-seok).

The youth and youth digital supporters, which were first launched in the first half of this year, are a social contribution program designed to solve the difficulties of small business owners who are unfamiliar with the digital environment in the Corona 19 situation and promote the development of the community. In March, Kakao Games recruited one stage to produce promotional videos, digital maps, and characters in the traditional market of Seongnam-si, and conducted offline events to create an inclusive digital environment.

Kakao Games will recruit two youth and youth digital supporters, which will be active in the second half of 22 years, until August 15th. The second supporters will plan and execute various contents to bridge the digital marginalized gap, such as seeking ways to improve sales and revitalize small businesses for about three months from September to December, and support the online platform.

The selected supporters will receive a certain amount of activities for the activities, and the volunteer activity time and the certificate of activity will be paid at the end of the activity.

You can apply for the ‘Youth and Youth Digital Supporters’ through the application form at the Seongnam Youth Foundation website, and anyone who has high interest and talent in the digital field among young people and young people aged 15 to 24 years old can apply for support..

An official from Kakao Games said, I hope that we will have a lot of attention from youth and young people who will lead various programs that support small business owners of community together. said.

On the other hand, Kakao Games is a vision of ‘Danachi Game’, which means to make the daily lives of the marginalized people through ‘fun of the game’, and ‘PC donation campaign’, digital education activities for fostering future talent. We are carrying out various social contribution activities such as support.

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