How to install Genshin Impact on Steam Deck

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have a Steam deck, you can be disappointed by finding that the console still does not support Genshin Impact. But this does not mean that you still cannot play Genshin! There are only a few steps that you need to take first to install and run Genshin Impact on your deck.


Install Windows 10 on Steam Deck

Steam Deck comes with Steamos as the main operating system, and for playing Genshin you will need Windows. Unfortunately, you cannot carry out the double loading of Windows on Steam Deck, so you must first rewrite the Steamos system.

Step one: * Download Windows 10 to the USB Type-C flash drive. Then connect the USB to your deck. If you do not have a USB Type-C, you will need the USB-Type-C adapter.
Step second: Press and hold the button to reduce the sound and also Strength button at the same time. This will open the boot menu. Using D-Pad, move down until you select your USB, and then select USB.
Step third: Reload and install Windows. Installation will appear in portrait mode. The easiest way to go through the Windows installation and setting process is to connect the keyboard and the mouse to your deck, although after this step you want to turn them off.

Step fourth: * Change the orientation of the screen. By default, your Steam Deck should be in portrait mode. Go to orientation of the display (is in the display system settings) and select landscape .
Step Fifth: Download the Genshin Impact launch program using the preferred web browser. Install the game and upload Genshin Impact files.
Step sixth: Launch Genshin Impact! The game can be launched from the desktop and you can play it using the control elements in Steam Deck.

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