Despite the official release and release of the god killing action Lost Epic, it suspended and resumed on the PS Store. The cause is the price setting problem [Update]

Publisher ONEOREIGHT/Developer Team Earth Wars has launched Lost Epic for PS4/PS5 on July 28. In addition, the official version was released in Steam, where early access distribution was performed. On the other hand, the PlayStation Store (PS Store) was discovered inadequate the selling price, and sales are now suspended. The official Twitter account has been alerted.

Lost Epic is a 2D horizontal scrolling action game depicting the fight between God and people. In Steam’s user reviews, the diversity of character buildings that combine equipment and skill selections and flashy and exhilarating actions are evaluated. It seems to be accepted by those who are looking for games such as games and other games. In addition, the graphics that color the world view are beautiful and worth seeing.

According to the official website, the standard edition is 2450 yen, and the premium edition with a digital art book and original soundtracks will be sold for 3990 yen. However, in the PS Store, the price was 3850 yen for the standard edition and the premium edition was 6270 yen.

Regarding this price setting, the official Discord community announced that PlayStation Store was wrongly setting the PLAYSTATION 4/5 version (usually including premium edition). There is.

In the past, the same case as this time has also happened in another title. The Fuga on the Battlefield released by Cyber Connect Two on July 29, 2021 was discovered by the price of the PlayStation Store immediately after the release on each platform. Later, the distribution was suspended, and sales were resumed on August 10, 2021, about two weeks later. As for this, Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama, the representative of Cyber Connectory, mentioned when he spoke on the Cedec + Kyushu 2021, but it is due to his first public public confusion due to his first public publishing title. It seems to have been.

Lost Epic has started selling the official version on PC (Steam). The PS4/PS5 version is currently being corrected. It has been announced that some users purchased at the price before the correction will be held at a later date.


[Update 2022/7/28 18:49]

The LOST EPIC official Twitter account announced that the PS4/PS5 version of the same work was resumed with the price at the PlayStation Store. The buyer at the prone price before the amendment will be announced again about the response later.


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