[Preview] What kind of game is the Multi Version who hit North America?

On July 26, ‘Multi Bersus’, a free match action game that started open beta through the PC and console platform, is causing a blast. Even at the time of close beta for a small number of participants, the game, which had nearly 50,000 steam concurrent users, now maintains 150,000 units, and is ranked fourth in the game, which is the most played on Steam in a week after the start of the open beta.

If you expand the range to the console, you can see how popular the multi-versus is. Multiplayer game consulting and research firm Multiplayer Group (TMG) predicted that the number of gamers who played the multi-versus after July 26 would be more than 2 million with the platform.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t service in Korea, so it sounds like a story of a distant country in Korea. We look forward to expanding our services to Asia someday, and we will look at the characteristics of the ‘multiclockers’.

‘Great Street’ and Cartoon characters meet

As the open beta has already begun and many videos have been released, everyone knows that the game is similar to Nintendo’s quilted game, the Great Smash Brothers. The biggest difference is that the Smash Brothers will show that Nintendo’s vast game lineup characters participate, while the multi-versus is a warner Brothers’ garage characters.

At first glance, you may have heard through various humor posts, but in North America, the Great Smash Brothers series is gaining popularity as a party game where families and friends gather in front of the TV. In 2018, the news that the police, who had been reported and dispatched, enjoyed a struggle together.

Multivusers was born by participating in the characters of more familiar to many people, with the characters in more familiar animations, dramas, and cartoons. We also supported the user’s pool through the console and PC cross platform, and also supported local play, so we also had the possibility of utilization as a party game.

In addition, it is characterized by having a variety of game modes and character customization options. According to a video released by the developer player First Games, the multi-versus can customize various elements such as costumes and emotional expressions (emotion) of each character, and animations that appear when the enemy is ringed out. All of these appeals are all characterized by characters, so they will add to the desire to collect.

As mentioned above, the multi-versus overall gameplay follows most of the gamers along the ‘Great’ anti-war action, and provides modes such as 2VS2 war, four-player fight (prefool), and 1 vs 1 dual match. In addition, we plan to introduce the ranks to make a more serious battle with our own rankings.

Each character who enters the battle can start the battle by selecting three of the various perks, along with the unique signature skills they have. Privileges divided into three types are specialized in aggressive, defensive, or functional aspects, depending on the color. Depending on the privilege of mounting, you can set your own combat power to the extreme or give it a beneficial effect on allies.

On the other hand, each character seems to have a level concept, and it appears to be able to acquire various privileges, items, and special moves by gaining experience and increasing levels through gameplay. Gold acquired through gameplay can be used to purchase characters that have not been acquired yet, and it is possible to purchase characters as paid goods obtained through small payment.

A gorgeous roaster with ‘Media Dinosaur’ on the back

No matter how much you like the various combat modes or collecting elements, it is true that the taste is hard to live properly if the characters that are subject to collection are small. But ‘multiclockers’ do not have to worry about that. Even in the open beta point, the roster is organized as a character that everyone knows, and more characters are planning to participate in the future. It also puts the brilliant IP of Warner Brothers on the back.

Wanner Media, a company’s parent company that we often call Warner Brothers, consists of three subsidiaries: Home Box Office (HBO), Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and Warner Brothers Entertainment. Although the organization has changed since the reorganization in 2019 and the Merge of Discovery in 2022, the key is that both subsidiaries have a really strong IP.

First of all, HBO will be the US cable channel, which is the most known as the ‘Game of Thrones’ in Korea. The case of Warner Brothers under TBS has a high popularity in Korea, which has been popular in Korea, and the Warner Brothers itself has excellent subsidiaries such as DC Entertainment, New Line Cinema, and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment..

This is the roaster of the multi-versus that you can check for some of the huge character pools of this Warner Brothers. Like Finn and Jake’s adventure time and Stephen Universe, there are recent animations, as well as Tom, Jerry, and Skubi’s classic masterpiece characters. In addition, he participated in the basketball star LeBron James and Rooneytoon friends, who starred in the new Space Jam (2021), followed by Michael Jordan. If you look at Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harlequin, who came from the DC Universe, Joker’s war seems to be a matter of time.

Not only that. The Multi Version has spared no effort to use voice actors to convey the characters familiar to every1. In fact, actor Meiji Williams, who played Aria Stark in the game of the drama throne, participated, and Kevin Conoi, who has represented Batman’s voice since 1992. In addition, you can see that the movie Skubi Doo also tried to convey the voice of each character, such as the actor Matthew Lillud, who played the role of Shaggi.

As no one can be called a media dinosaur, the number of characters who participated in the ‘multiclocks’ open beta is the level of iceberg compared to Warner Bros.’s total IP. As this game is the first work developed by player First Games, all the characters of Warner Brothers are unlikely to participate, but at least there is no character because there is no character during the period of continuing the service.

The characters who participated in the ‘multiclockers’ were given a role group, which consists of ‘Mage’, a tank, brewer, assassin, supporter, etc., which specializes in ranged attacks..

At first glance, it is true that the role of a role is greatly needed for the fighting and fighting on the platform, but it seems that it is designed to lead the battle in favor of the privilege union or fellow character as a role group. In addition, even if it is the same brewer class, the battle is also different depending on the characteristics of each character, such as ‘Garnet’, which can play a more tank role, and LeBron James, which can lead more aggressively.

In addition, player First Games, who developed the Multi Version, also created and participated in the multi-versus characters, in addition to creating a role group and unique skillsets in the game for characters who are familiar to many. It is a mysterious puppy ‘Rain Dog’ with deer pyramids, serving as a supporter to assist allies. Based on the unique worldview of the multi-versus, it is possible to see that more original characters will appear in the future.

Asian region service is after the game stabilization

As the cartoon characters, which are well known through the cable channel, appear in Korea, expectations for ‘multiclockers’ are gradually rising. Unfortunately, there is no way to play the game formally in Korea. It is also difficult to acquire additional information because the Steam Store page also has a local restriction.

Just one hope is that immediately after the close beta test, Tony Huynh, co-founder of Player First Games, left the above tweets. We do not currently support Asia, and as the game becomes more stable, it will be shown in more areas. If you wait patiently, you may have a day when you can enjoy the ‘multiclockers’ in Korea.

In addition, if Warner Brothers is about to be released, and works such as ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ or ‘Gotham Night’ supports Korean, it is not much associated, but it is good to expect Korean in the multi-versus that will be serviced someday. It is the same.

Lastly, if you look forward to seeing you, what if your voice actors will participate in the cartoon network that aired on Tunisus? As a child who has returned to his voice, the characters of memories of memories, perhaps one of the reasons why this game was so popular in North America in North America.

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