Furious Gaming allies with Fitchin and enters the world of web3

The evolution of the world of video games advances day by day with the implementation of new technological resources either hardware or software, however, the world of cryptocurrencies has joined this area more and more, thanks to this companies like Fitchin arise which works as a bridge between the global gaming community with the ESports teams and with the content creators, seeking to bring fans closer their favorite teams and achieve a closer link through the Crypto universe.


One of the great revolutions worldwide in the digital field have turned out to be eSports. This competitive dynamic of video games has been increasing its audience exponentially in recent years. The competitions and tournaments multiplied, and the teams were professionalized to the rhythm that the sponsoring brands began to be increasingly interested in this industry. In this context it is that Fitchin broke into the market with the ability to change and improve the ways in which world gamer communities are connected.

In recent weeks the company focused on the Web3 has closed agreements with eSports teams such as Furious Gaming, a team that has a lot of experience in this area and has had great glory in various skills creating A community of more than 250 million followers.

The main point of union between Fitchin and Furious is innovation. We, as an eSports organization, are constantly trying to innovate in all areas where we can. I consider that Fitchin is a platform that comes to innovate. It just comes to innovate the way of interacting, comes to innovate the way of marketing and comes to innovate in the way in which communities interact with professional teams of eSports and even with industry influencers. mentions Gonzalo Gonzo Garcia , CEO of Furious Gaming

With this new agreement, Furious Gaming brings its history and experience to the platform where it can be part of the technological avant-garde that Fitchin grants. Among them, tournaments with Crypto awards, discounts and access to special collections pre-sale and be part of AD-Hoc experiences for true fans. In addition, the members will be able to vote on the use of funds from a community treasure, exclusively controlled by them and, at the same time, actively participate in the future developments that the team will make on Web3 with Fitchin, with some events and tournaments in Door where community members can participate for a pool paol in the native currency, the $ chin.

On the other hand, the skull is not the only brand that has joined the world of cryptocurren Opportunity to give great benefits to your community with memberships that will give them access to exclusive content and also with some extras for founding members. It is also mentioned that they will be supporting tournaments such as Krümmunity League X Fitchin where crypto prizes were awarded for the winners.

With new innovations every day these are giant steps for eSports teams that gradually enter the world of web3, a collaboration that will have many benefits for team communities, hopefully more teams are added in the Next months to have a greater opportunity in this futuristic world that we are living these days.

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