LOL: The Kings Victoria against Atheris to take the medal in the Honor Division

The grand final of the Honor Division had a face-to-face event where the community could enjoy a star encounter between The Kings against Atheris, a revenge of the opening tournament but that this time there are more things at stake, first account the honor Among the squads on the other the pass to the Northern Regional where they will look for their pass for promotion/relegation for a quota in lla.

The first map began with a lot To leave the team behind the snakes showing all their power to make them fall against the monarchs thus taking the first victory.

For the second map we see the action passed to the lower lane where we had viruz with a draven that stood out in the match having very good protection of their teammates to have a great impact during the battles per team to complicate the game of The snakes that could not react to the power of the rivals, a game that took a little more than the previous one but that the kings took to have the 2-0.


A third map that could be the end of the meeting where Atheris intended to play more aggressively with an akali in the hands of Zerkxz that would be very effective within the game, however, the kings sought to change things within the encounter With a Limitations that would have a Zeri that climbed in a good way to have fast objects with which he managed to erase the life of the rivals to finish the series.

The crown is for the kings that ends with a 3-0 in the match and that will now have to prepare to face the champions of the other northern leagues, making it clear that it is one of the favorite teams now you now It is time to demonstrate that they can reach the phase where they can get the promotion ticket for the First Division and demonstrate their abilities to achieve maximum glory.

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