This would be the next series of the creator of Better Call Saul

With the end of Better Call Saul scheduled for next August 15, many wonder what will be the next step for Vince Gilligan. For those who do not recognize this name, Gilligan is the creator of breaking bad and co-creator of better call saul. In this way, there is the possibility that the next project is carried out in this universe, although a new report seems to indicate otherwise.

According to Deadline, Gilligan’s following series will be produced by Sony Pictures TV, and currently nine television networks are competing to see who stays with the transmission rights . Although there are no details for the moment, it has been mentioned that the writer and director will put aside the world of Walter White and company, to focus on a completely new story.

According to the media, the project in development will have similar elements to the twilight zone and the x-files, where Gilligan worked as a writer. However, ** The approach would not be in the mysteries and supernatural aspects, but in the relationship between characters..

In related issues, fans go crazy with the return of Wlater White and Jesse Pinkman in better Call Saul. Similarly, this was going to be originally this reunion.

Vía: Deadline

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