Tower of Fantasy: Get more than 60 free invocations with the launch of the game!

The launch of Tower of Fantasy is full of gifts. There are exclusive skins, but also dark crystals or even nuclei that serve to make invocations. And that already catches our attention


get enough to get your first SSR

As you know, the first SSR is guaranteed in the first 30 runs. To achieve this, you will need golden nuclei. For its launch, Tower of Fantasy offers you a resource plethora through different pages of rewards or even events. Check the list with the nuclei that can be acquired below.

  • Twitch Dropps: 3 golden nuclei and 1 black core
  • Pre-registration rewards: 10 golden nuclei and 10 black cores
    shoulder shoulder: Round 1 *: 10 golden cores
    Gifts Pioneer *: 1 golden core
  • Navigation on the stellar path: 5 golden cores

Only with these events, you have almost enough to get the first SSR. Of course, some events require several days to complete, such as the titled Navigation through the stellar path. In addition, there are other events that will allow you to acquire even more nuclei.

Second launch week: Shoulder to Shoulder (Ronda 2) that allows 10 red cores to be obtained.
Third week of launch: The executor’s training will allow you to obtain 2 red nuclei.
Fourth week of launch: The Road of Strife event will allow you to acquire 6 red cores.
Second month of launch: A connection bonus will allow you to have 3 red nuclei.

Additional gold nuclei thanks to compensation?

If you ever have enough golden nuclei, the game offers you some following the various problems it is currently experiencing. So 10 golden nuclei are waiting for you if you ever created your account before August 17 . Of course, we have not counted the dark crystals that we prefer to keep for now, but they are also a way to obtain more invocations.

Finally, here are a summary of all the nuclei obtained by having recovered everything.

Dark Core *: 11
Golden Core : 39
Red nucleus : 21


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