LOL: The best letter is from Team Aze who ends with the participation of Infinity in the Lla

The playoffs in the LLA continue with action in the lower part of the bracket that seeks a single survivor who can give the opportunity to advance to reach the grand final, we now have two teams that did not have the best performance throughout the tournament but In a better five things can change, Infinity seeks to overthrow the current champion Team Aze in a duel that promises to be epic.

During the first map we see a game that began quite a couple taking initiative for the infinity team that sought to have early advantage and looking to give fast resources to Snaker that had Sivir to cause critics to erase the rivals within the Concent, a game that was complicated at certain times but the Infinity team managed to take the first victory.

In the second stage, the Infinite team took the encounter of the meeting getting punish the opponents, however, the Aces team would keep calm for little by little tie the match leaving free to 5kid that would have prominence In the game to do a lot of damage to the game that gave guideline to put the 1-1 on the series score.

Arriving at the third confrontation, things would come out in favor of Infinity that would take the advantage from the beginning when sending to the base to the rivals after taking several casualties, the Aze team would seek to answer the fights managing opportunities that would go around the encounter to increase the economic advantage that would be reflected in the meeting to take the life of the rivals and put another point in their favor.

For the fourth game the Aze team took a lilia in the upper lane for lonely that would be a key piece because it would keep its opposite at bay and began to climb quickly, the map control would begin to tilted for the Aces who gradually threw rival turrets to leave the opponents far behind and in the fights by team out victorious managing to take the victory.

The Team Aze team manages to take the series after three followed games that handle in the best way to achieve victory managing to advance in the bracket to continue in the search to reach the grand finale, now the next Duel will be aze against Rainbow 7 while tomorrow we will have a duel of estral before Isurus to determine the first finalist of the competition.

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