How to get a malicious Tracer Pack in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 presented many sets for the game, including sets of operators T-800 and T-1000, inspired by Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Tracer Pack: Malware is another package containing a unique ultra operator skin. Here is a review of the package and how to unlock it in Warzone and Vanguard.

How to unlock Tracer Pack Malware Ultra Skin in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard

Tracer: Pack Malware Ultra Skin can be purchased at Call of Duty store for 2400 COD points. This set worth $ 20 contains one Ultraskin operator, three drawings of legendary weapons and six other awards, such as a business card, emblem and watches. Players can purchase a package of malicious programs with Doomsayer shigenori skin when it is indicated in Warzone and Vanguard stores.

Tracer Pack Malware Ultra Skin-Overview of all objects

  • Ultra Skin Operator Talking Rock for Sigenory
  • Drawing of the legendary assault rifle NZ-41 Viral load
  • Drawing of the legendary Nelgun submachine gun Cyber terrorism
  • Drawing of the legendary three-line sniper rifle Corporate theft
  • Legendary emblem Digital Demon

* Epic business card Blooming death
* Epic sticker Killer Blossom
* Epic spray foresight
* Epic clock LED of the Future
* Epic charm Digital raid

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, read our article about the 5th season of the Vanguard to present the final card for the Zombie mode.

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