The Musical Contest of The Last of Us Part I with a PlayStation 5 as a prize

We still get something in the eye when we think about playing the first part of The Last of Us . However, with the launch of the remake just around the corner, we will not have a choice but to greet all our fears and face the one that is one of the best video games of the latest generations of consoles. More than solvent in terms of playability, perfect in its narrative and with an end that still makes us rethink existence; If something was brilliant in the delivery originally released during 2013 it was a soundtrack of authentic crazy people.

The musical contest for the launch of the last part I

With the arrival of the remake of the last The Last of Us, from Sony they wanted to carry out an interesting contest . The company has begun an initiative to which any fan can be added and will be active until August 29 at 23:59 Spanish peninsular time. In it, anyone can upload their version of The Last of Us to social networks with the pad # Covertlou . From here, everything is also a matter of mentioning the PlayStation Spain account and waiting for the winners to be chosen.

It is evident that not all fans have the knowledge or talent necessary to be able to send a participation in conditions. After all, it is not easy to live up to a Gustavo Santaolalla who has not stopped receiving praise from the premiere of the soundtrack. However, and although we may not opt for the awards, we can always take a joy in the form of an auditory delight taking a look at everything that the community is sharing on Twitter or Instagram . Of course, we are going to keep the hashtag in favorites.

First Prize *: PlayStation 5 + Ed. Standard Digital of The Last of Us Part I
Second Prize : Headphones Press 3D + ED. DIGITAL STANDARD OF THE LET OF US PART I
Third Prize : ED. Standard Digital of The Last of Us Part I

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