30 years of FIFA: The battle against PES and the emergence of Ultimate Team, what is your favorite?

Since 1993, EA Sports and FIFA have an association that gives us a football simulation every year. But by 2024 it will no longer be the case with the birth of EA Sports FC.

FIFA has gone through ups and downs during these 30 years , especially at the time with the competition of the title with PES and Konami. But for a few years, FIFA has returned to the front and has not had a rival in terms of sales and media power.

The introduction of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA

The arrival of Ultimate Team in FIFA 09 that began without much noise. But 2 years later, and becoming FUT to be free, it was the authentic explosion of the EA Sports football simulator. We leave you the Fut 09 tutorial trailer to show you how much the game has evolved since then.

This was the real beginning of the advent of the FIFA series. Since then, the game has only increased in terms of sales, games plays, microtransactions and more. We have had many new additions over the years. And things we didn’t even think we wanted in the game and now they are inevitable, especially Fut Champions.

Fut Champions

We had to wait for FIFA 17 to see him land the FUT mode part that long ago talk about that on weekends. Fut Champions, who was supposed to be the competitive way of the game, is gradually opening to more people.

In particular through the reduction of the number of matches from 40 to 30 and then even at 20 last season. Every weekend the FIFA community struggles to get the best result and do better than its teammates and this gives many moments of rage among the players.

This mode is perhaps the highlight of the FIFA license. And since then, he has taken advantage of his success to continue making the license.

So much so that now EA Sports has been able to buy LaLiga’s Naming from the 23-24 season; LaLiga EA Sports . Do FIFA still really need? That is another debate.

Returning to the main theme of this article, year after year, the FIFA game has continued to improve and contribute its part of new features. But in recent years, the title has received strong criticism from players about different aspects of the game . And especially with the use of microtransactions.

Despite this, no competitor eclipses it, although several soccer games are being developed, the task seems complicated.

What was the best FIFA of all time?

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