Atomic Heart: My beloved trailer of gamescom

The combat trailer from Atomic Heart is just wild and will be remembered.

First setting: Skeletons are sitting at a garden table, where a small feast has obviously taken place. Black aperture. Second setting: An explosion (as if a mine or grenade has gone up) in the still image, rubble and body fly through the air. Then the name of the game, Atomic Heart, is shown, followed by that of the developer, Mundfish. And then it gets really strange: two robot ladies face each other, carry out synchronous movements with their arms, accompanied by a Russian song from the 70s.

Then the music turns on (it is not the original piece, but a remix) and the transition to a gameplay scene takes place, in which the player shoots on a fading robot with a flash cannon. Again cut back to the robo ladies. One of them comes from the forehead three worm-like things that combine into a kind of horn. Later she stings her colleague into her stomach and slashes the whole upper body and at the end the two play with two identical looking objects, the function of which does not open up. In between there is a lot of combat action to see.


very strange sound cut

This trailer for Atomic Heart, which Mundfish has now published in a matching Gamescom 2022, confuses me as much as he inspires me. What should these scenes tell me with the two robots based on women? I have absolutely no idea! And then there is another strangely cut passage: After the trailer shows a lot of action with the remix of an old Russian song above for almost two minutes and even partially the shots in the beat of the music are suddenly a change on the Sound level. The song is abruptly broken off and replaced by the sounds of a string orchestra for a short scene, which in turn is then suddenly replaced by hard metal. Here, too, I ask myself: What does Mundfish want to do with it? And can’t form a rhyme on it.

How real is that shown?

This trailer is truly Weird, as you say so beautifully. But at the same time he really makes me want at Atomic Heart. I am interested in the title that Gameplay published Gameplay for the first time a few years ago. An ego shooter RPG mix that plays in the Soviet Union of an alternative reality of the 1950s in which robots have become normal? With an open world and a lot of playful freedom? Yes, that sounds like a title for me. But somehow I was always skeptical because Mundfish never got in touch with Western press and showed her game. And if a small, previously unknown Russian developer presents a work that not only looks graphically chic, but also still playfully promising and is also very ambitious, you become suspicious at first. Is that really real gameplay, what I see, or does Mundfish kids me and all the others?

However, since Microsoft announced that atomic Heart will be in the Game Pass from day 1, I have been a little more confident. The Redmonders will not just add every game to their subscription service, right? Well, and then this Combat Trailer has just been released, which has been reducing me with almost every game scenes. The variety of near and ranged weapons as well as opponent types, the kind of design, the high-quality animations, plus cool skills such as freezing opponents or manipulating gravity and the pretty environments-all of this inspires me enormously. We already get several boss opponents here who all have their peculiarities, although they are mostly very large robots. But they all have an individual design. One is a ball with long hoses as legs and tentacles as the arms, the other really thick and cumbersome, but equipped with nozzles on his butt so that he can quickly avoid a jump.

just don’t let it hype! Just. Not. Hypen. to let!

I try not to fall into a hype despite all the euphoria. It all looks too good to be true. I would like to believe that the game will be as great as this trailer promises me. But in view of the fact that we are talking about a small Russian team, I can only half. On the other hand: A look at Mundfish’s official website reveals that, among other things, Tencent and Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder, Enlisted) are among his investors. Why should these companies put money into a studio that are not convinced of the work? Who knows, maybe Atomic Heart will be one of these breakout hits that make their developers world famous overnight, and joins a row with Half-Life and Disco Elysium?

The answer to this question is to be answered this year, because in parallel to the publication of the new trailer, Mundfish has announced that the release for the fourth quarter 2022 is planned. In view of the fact that the upcoming player is not as much packed with highlights as we are used to by its predecessors, it would be really nice if the Russians managed to comply with this schedule.

Now to Atomic Heart on Steam!

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