An open world survival that explores the ruins of the world after the collapse of civilization. Medieval version of Tarkov Fantasy FPS [Three indies for this week]

GAME*SPARK editorial department recommends three specials in the fourth week of August 4th!

This week, Tarkov’s medieval fantasy PVPVE EXPEDITION AGARTHA and The Last of US, etc., Rooted , which was affected by the end-of-open world survival, etc. There are three of the breakthrough, Farthest Frontier that broke through.


Expedition Agartha

This work is a hardcore survival FPS that started early access on August 18, 2022. It is set on a mysterious island on the Mu continent, and each player will search for treasures.

The content of the game is based on a system like ESCAPE from Tarkov **, and explores the island with a maximum of two friends, and takes on raids and quests to take a row on raids, etc. You will have to put it in and try to escape. There are dangerous NPCs on the island and other players seeking treasures and blood, and there is a risk of losing all equipment when they die.

The battle system is mainly in close combat, using light and heavy attacks, and uses shield blocks and dodges to attack enemy attacks. In addition, high-risk, high-return expeditions, which are low-risk, low-return expeditions, which are not growing and low-level equipment, and the level grows but needs to bring their own equipment. It is implemented.

The early access period is assumed to be one to two years, and the company will implement new maps and skills and more character customization elements in the future.


French game developer Mathieu’s promising post-apocalypse open world survival rooted has started the Kickstarter campaign. This work is a survival game set in 2100 AD, where civilization collapsed due to the global bacterial weapon war. It has already been reported that the wish list registration on the Steam store page has exceeded 225,000.

In some areas, some regions have returned to a secure state due to the natural self-cleansing effects over the years, and in some areas that have completely overcome the effects of bacterial weapons, but in urban areas, activities without measures are still dangerous. In a contaminated world, players will collect scraps and supplies and act to survive while crafting useful items.

Items that can be crafted in the work include tasks that can automate tasks and supply power, so you can expect quite free and advanced craft. In addition, there is a worker in collecting supplies, and a system that allows you to learn the structure of the object that was the source of the collection at the time of recovery and reconstruct them. This work is also compatible with multiplayer. It is also possible to share the craft recipes you have acquired with your friends using the blueprints.

It is said that this work is inspired by The Last of US, SCUM, DAYZ, etc., but the development is still in the early stages, but in the public’s published video, real-time day and night cycle. Changes in the environment have been shown. In the Kickstarter campaign, it seems that the name of the main game and the credit is posted with a prepage of 15 euros (about 2050 yen at the time of writing), and in the top plan, the name of the game can be received in various places in various places in the game.

Farthest Frontier

This work is a town planning sim with craft elements and architectural elements set in medieval Europe. Players will open up the wilderness at the end of the world, and continue to build and develop the town to build and hunt materials, fish, and build farms. 50 kinds of buildings can be built, growing from small villages to large cities, and upgrading production items as the city thrives.

The city and the people who live there are highly simulated, and in real time they work on products and agriculture. Fighting with looters and foreign troops, building stone walls, recruiting soldiers, and defending the town seems to be important in surviving. Players who do not want to participate in battle have pacifist mode.

This work started early access on August 9, 2022, but it achieved more than 250,000 units sold in * only 7 days. Steam gathered more than 5,000 reviews at the time of writing and gained very popular. GAMESPARK is also posting a play repo.

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