Wenz Day, which was informed of the comfort women problem, stops sales

Wenz Day, a game dealing with comfort women victims, stopped selling steam.

According to the store page, the game purchase button disappeared with the phrase, It is no longer sold at Steam at the request of the distributor. Wen’s Day is assumed that the developer ‘Gembridge’ is in charge of distribution, so the developer has requested Steam to stop selling. ‘Gembridge’ currently closes the official website and SNS, changes its mission to ‘Heartbus’, and is conducting a meta bus project.


Wedsday, released in December 2020, is the first adventure game to deal with comfort women’s issues, and was issued by the Content Agency for the development of the game. In order to cover the development cost, Tumblebuck also raised 95 million won. At that time, Gembridge promised to supporters the French/German/Dutch translation by exceeding 300% of the donation. In addition, he said in an interview that he will donate some of the proceeds from the game to comfort women.

However, the overall game completion and the testimony of the times were messed up. The contents promised through tumblebuck funding were not kept. Wedsday promised to translate French/German/Dutch translation in Tumblebucks, but it was all to support English and Jungmun until it was suspended. In the interview, the donation, which he said to donate to the victims of comfort women, also made a donation to the event hosted by the Justice Memory Solidarity.

The controversy led to the National Audit of the National Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee in October 2021. At the time, Kim Ye-ji, a member of the people, pointed out that the company provided a translation service by exceeding the target amount, but it was not translated.

Do Min-seok, CEO of Gembridge, explained that more than 600 million won of development costs beyond the amount received through the Content Agency and Tumblebucks were used for and filled it through self-burden and loans. In addition to the previous controversy, malicious comments and remarks continued, The small startup went in an indispensable direction, and in this situation, I could not add a promised translation.

Gembridge has since closed official YouTube and Twitter. In November 2021, in a tumblebuck announcement, which was released to patrons, normal operation has become difficult. But we are trying to normalize without giving up. However, the game has been suspended without any announcements.

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