Which of the players with the highest rating in FIFA 23?

Although FIFA 23 has not yet been published, many players were able to play it thanks to the leak! Apparently, some preliminary downloads could be played, so those who pre-ordered the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition had an information leak. Thanks to them, we now know which of the players with the highest rating in the FIFA 23. Now early Christmas, since this football match should begin on September 27.

FIFA 23 players leakage with the best ratings

Players’ ratings are only one of the many leaked things. Several players laid out new T-shirts that the clubs have not yet presented. It is interesting to see how EA will respond to this incident, because this is not the first time that they have similar problems.

Some fans are wondering if this is a marketing course, since their worst enemy, Efootball 2022, should be updated to Efootball 2023. Let’s see if this will be postponed by the release date of the game and whether they will change the statistics of players with the highest rating in FIFA 23 After the reaction of the public.


So far you are waiting for the FIFA 23 release, get acquainted with the Best RB sections in FIFA 22 and Best ABSTROM in FIFA 22. In addition, FIFA 23 is the latest version with the name, since the EA and FIFA partnership is completed, the FIFA is renamed the FIFA in EA Sports FC.

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