Arsenal team ratings in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sports games of this year, and fans are looking forward to the ratings of their favorite players and teams. Arsenal is one of the best and most prestigious clubs in the English Premier League with fans around the world, and it is natural that the fans are interested in the team ratings. Xbox players who previously bought the game got the opportunity to play FIFA 23, and various leaks surfaced, revealing the ratings of different players and teams. So, if you can’t wait to find out the ratings of the Arsenal teams, we will help you. Here are the ratings of the Arsenal teams in FIFA 23.

rating of players and teams Arsenal in FIFA 23

According to leaks, Arsenal will have a team rating 79.56 . You can quickly calculate by adding common ratings for starting 11 and seven players on the bench. Divide the amount of 18, and you will receive the rating of the Arsenal team. Individual ratings for each player are listed below.


The general statistics of Arsenal have not changed much compared to FIFA 22, and the fans expected to see a little more, especially after the last campaign. New players joined the team to strengthen the team, and most of the team consists of young players who have the potential to become football superstars. These leaks are based on the information collected by the community after the Xbox players began to play FIFA 23 earlier. Although they seem legal, we recommend that players treat these leaks with distrust.

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