The best young GC in FIFA 22 – goalkeeper goalkeeper

In FIFA 22, goalkeepers are the basis of any team, and the presence of a reliable pair of hands between the clubs can be crucial in the match. Goalkeepers, as a rule, become better with age, but some are born with natural talent. You can often deal with the need to buy a good young goalkeeper, playing in a career mode in FIFA 22. We have compiled a list of young goalkeepers whom players can buy at an early stage to develop them during the seasons. Here are the best young goalkeepers in FIFA 22.

The best young goalkeeper in FIFA 22

Most teams in FIFA 22 have at least two goalkeepers. This guarantees that the other can replace it if one is injured or removed. Players can effectively buy a young child prodigy and an experienced veteran to stand between the sticks. Players mentioned in the list below are one of the most talented goalkeepers around the world, and you want to purchase them at an early stage in career mode.

Although some of these young goalkeepers can be bought cheap in FIFA 22 career mode, the best of them will cost you a whole fortune. For example, Dzhanluji Donnarumm can be bought from Paris Saint-Germain for about 170–180,000,000 dollars in the transfer market. The high price is worth it, since Donnarumm has the potential to reach the 93rd common rating in FIFA 22. Most of these young goalkeepers have a high overall potential, so it is better to buy them in advance and integrate them into their team.


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