The best young midfielder in FIFA 22 is Wonderkids Left Winger

In FIFA, 22 winger are flank inspirers that provide the width of the team, and also deliver the balls to the penalty area so that the attackers can realize them. For many years, one of the most iconic players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., sleep, Hyun Min, Rahim Sterling and others, spoke at the position of the left wing for many years. This is a key position that connects midfield with the attack line, and it is very important to have a good young left striker or midfielder in your team. So, if you are looking for the best Vunderkindes LW, we will help you. Here are the best young left-wing attackers in FIFA 22.

The best young player LW, LM, LF in FIFA 22-Left Winger Wonderkids

Winger is known for his exciting pace and dexterous work. Players with high acceleration, sprint speed and dexterous movements, as a rule, work brilliantly on the left flank. In the same way, wingers should be able to serve long balls in the penalty area and realize the goal when it appears. We recommend that players check aspects such as pace, throw and dribbling, when buying left-wing attackers, midfielders and attackers in FIFA 22. The next list contains one of the best left-wing attackers that you can buy at FIFA 22.


When you are looking for young left-wing attackers, be sure to look for players younger than 23 years old with good indicators of a throw, dribbling, pace and pass. You can not always get a strong young LW when starting a career mode, so we recommend that players buy several players from the list above. Players like Ansu Fati, Phil Foden, Brian Gil and Vinisius Jr. have every chance to easily surpass 90th place in the overall FIFA 22 rating. Buy them in advance and integrate into your team to reveal the best abilities of these young talents.

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