[News] FIFA 23, September 23, Legend Park Ji -sung with the pre -experience LAN party!

September 23 (Fri) at 6 pm , FIFA 23 RAN Party with Legendary Park Missing will be held.


Not only can you play FIFA 23 fastest, but also Park Missing Athlete BAE Sundae Announcer, LIM Hyung-cheol Commentary, Streamer Dan gun , Lovely Yew Jihad You can check the information and news about the game with the special cast members.

In the field, you can hear news about the game, such as fifa 23 information and functional changes that Park Missing tells, and in the experience zone, Covers ta Experience, which can be the title model of FIFA 23. Man-to-Man Goods Customizing and FIFA 23 OR Card using my stats can be produced as an image.

In addition, uniquely gifts such as Park Missing’s sign ball, PlayStation 5 and Dual Sense Wireless controller will be given through lottery and various events.

Meanwhile, FIFA 23 is scheduled to be released on September 30 and is attracting much attention with the addition of existing series and other new contents. Men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup ™, Women’s Club Soccer, Cross Play, FIFA Ultimate Team ™, and new features of career modes are mentioned as a representative entertainment that can capture freshness and fun at the same time.

The showcase can be applied through the attached address below.

☞ FIFA 23 Pre-Experience with ‘Park Missing’

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