Even if the special disaster area is proclaimed, only 5%of communication fees are reduced

Even if it is proclaimed as a special disaster area, there are only parts of those who receive communication fees.

Representative Kim Byung-soo (Democratic Party), a member of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission, analyzed the ‘2019-2022 special disaster-based communication fee reduction’ submitted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and most of the special disasters and communication fees. I haven’t received the communication fee reduction.

The Ministry of Science and ICT has provided indirect support for victims of communication rates to victims of the region declared as special disaster areas under the Framework Act on Disaster Safety Management.

Representative Kim Byung-soo reviewed the current status of victims related to special disasters submitted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and 27,693 victims of special disaster areas occurred from 2019 to 2022.

Among them, the number of telecommunications fees was 12,145, only 5%of all victims received communication rates.


The Ministry of Information and Communication’s communication fee reduction process is carried out by a special disaster area reduction, which is directly reduced by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security after receiving the information to the local government.

As such, the reductions that have suffered disasters are complicated, such as applying to the relevant agencies and applying for the reduction. In particular, people with disabilities and seniors often do not even know if they are subject to reduction, so it is necessary to actively promote related agencies and carriers.

Representative Kim Byung-soo said, It will be difficult for those who have been able to apply for mobile communication rates while suffering natural disasters such as heavy rains and typhoons, he said. It is necessary to improve the enemy and active system.

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