Episodes anthology Tales of the Walking Dead reveals its titles, dates and synopsis

AMC+ It premieres on September 22, 2022 six unique stories of this Zombie shared universe will tell. Thus, each of these episodes of an hour will present us to their own protagonists that they will have to make their own decisions to try to survive the apocalypse. Now, we have the titles of each of these episodes, well its synopsis ** and premiere date.

All the episodes of Tales of The Walking Dead

Next we offer you the titles, premiere dates and descriptions of each of the episodes of this new spin-off of The Walking Dead.

Episode 1: Evil / Joe-September 22

History of the road trip of a lonely prepper who leaves his bunker in search of a woman from his pt. Along the way, he meets someone who is his opposite pole, but unites his efforts to find his loved ones lost from him. Starring Olivia Mann and Terry Crews

Episode 2: Blair / Gina-September 29

An unhappy receptionist and the authoritarian chief of her are trapped while the city of atlanta collapses under the apocalypse, forcing them to work together in order to escape the city. Starring Parker Pose and Jillian Bell

Episode 3: Dee-October 6

A mother and her daughter escape violence and take refuge in an old steamboat. The peaceful environment deteriorates after an event that forces the mother to review her violent pt to protect her daughter. Starring Samantha Morton

Episode 4: Amy / Dr. Everett-13 October

Documentary about a naturalist who studies the walkers and meets an energetic settler. A tense relationship between the two is forged when the settler tries to argue in favor of people recovering part of the territory. Starring Anthony Edwards and Poppy Liu.


Episode 5: Davon-20 October

A strange young man suddenly wakes up in a dangerous foreign city without remembering how he got there. He must rebuild fragments of his broken mind to discover why the people of the people accuse him of murder. Starring Jessie T. Usher.

Episode 6: The Doña-October 27

A couple traumatized by Apocalypse lives tormented by a haunted house. Termination memories along with inexplicable phenomena in the house affect the emotional well-being of the couple and their relationship. Starring Daniella Pined and Danny Ramírez

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