The best SMG load for Cod Warzone in season 5

The best loads for War zone are constantly moving, varying with each expansion. Although most weapons are suitable for playing, there are always specific loads that exceed others. In general, this correlates with the last expansion, since they usually have some of the best weapons offered by the game.

That said, let’s deepen the best SMG load for War zone season .

Best War zone Load SMG: The Vanguard PPSH (Hip fire Build)

Vanguard PPSH is directed and used with great effectiveness by the creator of professional content and streamer of War zone Event Gaming.

The construction prioritizes high shooting speed and a TTK (time to kill) fast while it has very little setback; What is more important, eliminates the need for ADS (AIM Down Sights) that allows the user to make rounds faster. It is still extremely precise and wears a high capacity loader for multiple commitments.

Here is the list of attachments:

  • Local: Retirement reinforcement
  • Barrel: Kovalevskaya 230 mm B03P
  • Optics: Slate reflector
  • Stock: eliminated
  • Under barrel: Foregrip Carver
  • Loader: Nam bu 71 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: hollow tip
  • Rear grip: fabric grip
  • ADVANTAGE: tight grip
  • BENEFIT 2: Fast

A demonstration of the load is provided below in several squads.


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♬ Billie Eilish.-Blanco Armani

That is done by The best SMG load in War zone , and Vanguard PPSH is a dominant force in War zone’s goal at this time. All knowledge was provided to execute its load exactly the same as one of the highest level players in the game. Be sure to consult our other articles about War zone to get information about how to improve your game, including War zone 2 internal knowledge before launch.

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