NBA2K23 Jordan Mode Raiders Skills and How to play?

The NBA2K23 game has a wealth of modes to choose from and challenge. The Jordan mode will have good rewards after
completing the challenge. So how can this mode be cleared smoothly? Here are the NBA2K23 Jordan mode strategy tips
for you. Let’s take a look at Specific gameplay.

Jordan Mode Raiders Tips

Collect at least 40 stars in Jordan mode to get rewards available in NBA 2K23 MC mode and NBA 2K23 MT mode.

In Jordan’s legendary game, completing specific tasks to collect stars, after all, is a simulation of the past. The
camera will be like an 80s TV with snowflakes. This effect can be turned off in the menu.

Open “Computer/User Preferences” in “Options” in the menu.

After changing the AI’s attack difficulty to custom, all NBA 2K23 items that can cause threats will be reset to zero.

The hit rate is reset to zero, and the free throw difficulty can be changed to the highest.

Then the options on the player’s side are filled with all the places that can score, and the difficulty of free
throws is reset to zero.

The actual effect is as follows, no matter what position, the player can throw and score, even without caring about
the shooting bar and the opponent getting in the way. The only thing to worry about is how to waste time (24
minutes of a game cannot be changed).

Note: It is unclear whether the official acquiescence behavior may be fixed in a future update.

In the MC mode, players can customize the jumping action of the character to get a better experience. The change
interface of this work has been changed to display the benefits obtained by the corresponding action directly.

It is recommended to look for the one that fits your role based on the famous jumpers in history (Kobe, Curry,

This game can even combine the jump shots of different characters to optimize the weak points, but I have tried the
following, and it is not as strong as the default players.

In the game, NBA2K23 Jordan mode strategy skills have been shared with everyone. Netizens who don’t know much about this mode can look at the above gameplay first, hoping to help everyone in the game.

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