How to change the color of the Xbox button in the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

In the most recent update, a new feature arrived for the Elite Series 2 of Xbox controllers. This controller feature allows players to customize a certain button that was previously only white. Here is How to change the color of the XBOX button in the elite series 2.

Change the color of the Xbox Elite Series 2 button

* First, before starting to change the color of the Xbox button, make sure that both your console and your controller are updated.

If you are not sure if you have received the new update, the Xbox support page lists the new version of the operating system as 10.0.22521.2215.

* Connect your controller to your Xbox.

Connect it directly with a USB-C cable just to be sure.

* Open the Xbox Accessories application and press Set in Elite Series 2 in the application. From there, you can edit your current controller profile or create a new 1.

Keep in mind that creating a new profile will not transfer the controller settings already performed.

* Go to the color tab to start working in the search for its color.

You can choose between preset colors or press customize to create your own.

The Xbox support page provides a little more detail about the new function and its capabilities.

Color customization is available for the Xbox button in Xbox Elite Series 2. Choose between a wide range of colors that combines red, blue and green LED to produce more than 16 million tones of light.

Can you change the color of the Xbox buttons on Xbox Elite Series 1?

Unfortunately, this color change option is only possible with Elite Series 2 controllers, Elite Series 1 does not have this function and probably never gets it.

That is all you need to know about ** How to change the color of the XBOX button in the Elite Series 2.

Outstanding image source: Xbox.

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