Hoyo Bus, 2022 online concerts online concerts on Wonsin on October 2



-In the OST with musician Sagas Shirt and musicians around the world

**-In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of

-In impressive performance with performances that make use of the original song and creative reinterpretation

Global Interactive Entertainment Brand Hobo Bus announced today that this year, this year’s online concert 2022- will be held on October 2.

This year’s online concert 2022- is a world-renowned composer, arranger and producer, Sagas Shirt, as a music director.

In addition, the Hollywood chamber orchestra and talented musicians will also participate in the concert to recall the music journey of the Tibet continent with the fans.

‘Online Concert 2022’- will be held on the official YouTube channel for about 75 minutes at 1 pm (Korea time) on October 2, and faithful to the original OST. It is composed of performed performances and creative reinterpretation, providing a richer attraction.

First, as released in the trailer video, the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra is a classic symphony that is led by imager eyes, known as a composer of many awards and composers of many game music works.

Next, Shiro, a composer and producer of animation and film music such as ‘New Century Evangelist’, is a modern band, folk instrument musician, and talented artists with various backgrounds. It is interpreted and introduced.

Won sin’s OST, which was composed and produced by Jumping Chen and Hoyo-Mix, used a series of symphony that contains music elements from all over the world to describe the various regions, cultures, and figures of the Tibet world.

Hoyo-Mix composer and music producer JUMPING Chen is an endless journey for the Hoyo-Mix team to make music of Won shin, he said. Inspired by the music, I enriched the music of Won shin. I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of resonance between musicians and users around the world.

Sagas Shirt, a music director, said, The OST of is perfectly matched with the background and atmosphere in the game, and it provides a lot of imagination outside the game. I tried to reinterpret it in many ways and added pop, rock and jazz elements. I want to give you a fresh and fun experience.

The Open World Action RPG Game Won shin is based on a fantastic visual Tibet continent, and users become a mysterious ‘traveler’ to find a journey to find a missing family and finally reveal the hidden secrets of the Tibet continent.

The player can explore ‘MOND’, ‘AWOL’, ‘Trauma’, and ‘Summer’, four of Tibet’s seven areas, and each area contains its own culture, story and landscape. Won shin plans to release the 13th OST album, which includes music from the recently added Summer region.

More details can be found through the official café.

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