Zelda Links Awakening: Discover all 50 mussels for the toughest sword

With your experience in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you will certainly practically instantly bump over among the 50 magic mussels that are concealed anywhere in the video game globe. You have to blow them out of holes, droop as benefits for side pursuits and also even accumulate from the breasts of the dungeons. This is a great deal of job that we aid you with this guide.

the rewards in the shell bazaar

  • 5 mussels: heart component
  • 15 mussels: mussel detector
  • 30 mussels: Hammerstein
  • 40 mussels: Coco lint sword
  • 50 mussels: Hammerstein

The 2 most beneficial rewards are the mussel detector as well as the sword. With the previous you can utilize magic mussels from a range. You then listen to a sound and a display shows up on the display. This additionally assists you to locate the continuing to be mussels to ensure that you can open the Coco lint sword . This not just causes dual damage, but likewise fires light in complete health.

If you have sufficient mussels, then you have to bring them to the bazaar south of the castle. You can exchange them for useful incentives if you have sufficient.

introduction of all mussels

  1. In the big turf field of the Vendor , right to the right of Marin’s Has and also north of the Kran-Kemenate.
  2. Take the initial junction to the right in the Magic Forest and look a little south of a breast, behind a couple of rocks.
  3. You can win at the crane video game
  4. Similar to Muscle 3, likewise available in the crane game .
  5. In formalist concealed, where you have to blow up a wall surface to reach it.
  6. Breaks away the head near the honeycomb tree and also grits at the factor.
  7. Puncture the lawn on the right on the plateau.
  8. Decrease the staircases into Richards Suite after you have brought him the 5 gold leaves. On the left you will locate the shell.
  9. Climb up from the entry of the Teufelsvilla on the right the ladder as well as dig in the middle of the lawn bush.
  10. Keep up the Pegasus boots against the tree near the phone home eastern of the Vendor.
  11. Under one of the rocks in the rock field southern of Castle Kana let .
  12. Grew alongside the owl statue on the island in the overshadow bay . You can reach them from Foodora .

13. Gap the lower right in the steady following to your house of Madame Miu Miu .
14. Keep up the Pegasus boots versus the lonesome tree west of the worm palace .
15. Grew on the southeastern edge of the Torongastrand .
16. runs against the hand in the western part of the Torongastrand .
17. Under a rock in the southwestern part of the thirst desert .
18. Grew in the thirst desert right southern of the owl between the cacti.
19. The track of the wind fish plays the Across south of Foodora .
20. Under a stone west of the mucous swamp .
21. Toss a bomb in the red to the right of the Tail Valley Hole Teleported.
22. Gap the bottom left of the owl statuary.
23. Under a bush on the small island in the southern sea.
24. To the right of the last covering under a couple of turf tufts.
25. In one of the containers in deserted house .
26. lifts a stone west of the witch home , drops the staircases and also grits in the middle of the eco-friendly location.

  1. Grew in the eastern part of the Frantzenwald .
  2. west of the fairy resource I’m magic forest . Trust in the middle of a few blue blossoms.
  3. Grape on the left at the tree at the northwestern outcome of the Magic Woodland .
    30th northeast of the telephone residence near the mucous overload .
  4. As a benefit of Christine in Foodora , if you have the letter from Dr. Wright.
  5. Talk to the Zora in the eastern home of Foodora if you have finished all the exchange shops and also have actually received the magical magnifying glass .
  6. Take the stairways that are concealed under the knight in the old ruins .
  7. Under a stone in the stone area at the exit of the old damages .
  8. In the chest on the island in the rapids . You can only reach through access from the mask holy place .
  9. Grew it on the island in the middle of the rapids . You have to go on a vacation and also drag on your own down.
  10. You get as a benefit for the ideal time in the rapids .
  11. Near the phone house near the phone Castle Kana let . Pull on your own over the holes with your get in hook.
  12. Diving in the northwestern part of the Burggraben Castle Kana let ** in the falls.
  13. On the north island, in the lake, alongside the Teufelsvilla . The turf chops.
  14. Weft from the bridge to the left of the poultry coop in the Total Hills a bomb into the opening.
  15. Go east from the last shell over the suspension bridge. The covering is under a stone.
  16. Dive at the waterfall over the 3 waterfalls in the Total Mountains .
    Go to the cave east of the last covering as well as blow up the wall. Downstairs down, loosen a problem and also outside through the door.
  17. In the eagle fortress in the one in charge space with the Minor loss in among the left holes and also add to package.
  18. You can fish the covering if you see a radiance in the angling pond .
  19. Similar to Mussel 46.
  20. Under a stone on the plateau west of the wind fish ice .
  21. Grape eastern of the telephone house, which lies east of the turtle rock .
  22. Create four challenges for Boris and also you obtain the Letter Mussel.

Did you locate all mussels without help? .

When you have found the last shell, you must urgently obtain back to the mart as well as also obtain the last of the coveted incentives.

With your experience in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you will certainly practically immediately bump over one of the 50 magic mussels that are hidden almost everywhere in the game globe. Go down the stairs into Richards Villa after you have brought him the five gold leaves. Grew next to the owl statue on the island in the overshadow bay . In the chest on the island in the rapids . You can just get to via access from the mask holy place .

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