FIFA 23 – What are the ratings of AFC Richmond players from the show Ted Lasso?

FIFA 23 brings a lot of new content, but for many, acquaintance with characters from __ Popular show Apple TVTed Lasso_ is the reason to buy a game. Not every day you can play with the characters of the TV show in the sports simulator. Just imagine that you have a chance to play Madden with sharks from Miami from the movie Every Sunday or with LeBron from Space Jem! But back to the players AFC Richmond. The biggest question is-what are their ratings in FIFA 23?

Best AFC Richmond from Ted Lasso in FIFA 23

Although AFC Richmond is not a team of the Premier League in the TV show, it has several strong players. Without even looking at common ratings, one could expect that Jamie Tarot would be an excellent scorer. And there are other great players, such as Roy Kent, Sam of Sonya and Dani Rojas (because football is life). Here is a list of players for the starting composition and bench of spare AFK Richmond:

rating of AFC Richmond attackers in FIFA 23

  • Dani Rojas (ST)-82
  • Jamie Tarot (ST)-84

ratings of AFC Richmond midfielders in FIFA 23

  • Colin Hughes (LM)-78
  • MO CUMBERBATCH (cm)-79
  • Roy Kent (CM)-83
  • Sam Osaka (RM)-81

AFC Richmond Defenders in FIFA 23

  • Carlo Dixon (RB)-78
  • Jeff Goodman (LB)-79
  • Jan Mass (TSA)-77
  • Isaac Masada (CZ)-80
  • Thierry Zero (Civil Code)-76

ratings players of the bench of spare AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

  • Hugo Babatunde (CZ)-75
  • Demon Cockburn (ST)-75
  • Richard Motor (CDM)-77
  • OSI Kusch (RM)-75
  • Tom O’Brien (Civil Code)-75
  • Joe Reynolds (CB)-76
  • Tanaka Roberts (ST)-78
  • Emmanuel Winchester (CD)-76

In what modes can you play for Tea Lasso and AFC Richmond?

You can play with The Greyhounds in several FIFA 23 modes, such as Fast Match, Settle Farm Matches, Network Seasons and Career. And not only that, you can also play at the AFC Richmond Nelson Road! You can also play for Tea Lasso or coach of a career beard. Enjoy FIFA 23, or, as some call it, Ted Lasso: The Game!

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