Dead Spaces remake reveals Hermosa Edición de Colección

Today was an event for all fans who are waiting for the remake of Dead Space, because a few hours ago a new trailer with gameplay included in it was revealed. However, that is not all for the followers, since it was also revealed that there will be a special edition of the game, which carries very interesting objects.

This collection piece will carry a lithography, disc with the music of the game, commemorative pin, clothing patch, metal statue, steel book for the title and of course, the video game in the preference console or PC . But this is not the most striking, but the object that makes sense of the edition is the real size helmet that the protagonist is wearing.

The piece can be achieved only through Limited Run, and has a price of $274.99 USD . The best thing is that presales are already open, these are going to close until January 27, 2023 , so players can save a couple more months.

Return the horror and survival classic Dead Space , and Limited Run is proud to present the collector’s edition for the next remake.

It has artistic impressions, a metal marker statue and more, including an Isaac helmet that lights up and can be used.

Remember that the game will go on sale next January 27 in PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC .

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