Is Isildur dead in Rings of Power? Answered

Despite his failures, Silver has a lot of potential as a character: a mysterious voice calls him while training to be a member of the Mar Guard, which eventually leads him to visit the Middle Earth. However, shortly after reaching the southern lands, a building collapses over Silver, which seems to seal his destiny. Here is everything you need to know about Silver is dead in Rings of Power? .

Did the volcanic eruption killed Silver?

No, Silver is not dead and his father, Lentil, will be glad when he finds out. It survives a volcanic eruption, so a building is not a problem. The purpose of the voices that call it is not clear, but it probably has to do with his role in Peter Jackson’s trilogy. , Where he is a king played by Harry Sinclair.


Silver becomes king of Condor and fights bravely against Sauron with King Gil-Galad and the elves during the films of The Lord of the Rings. His combined army finally forced Sauron to face Lentil and King Elf in combat, and die to give Silver the opportunity to kill Sauron; Unfortunately, Silver stays with the ring for itself instead of destroying it and allows the spirit of Sauron Viva.

That is all we have in Silver dies in rings of power? . Check out some of our other contents of The Rings of Power, such as who are the people with white robes, the origin of the stranger and who is Adar.

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