FIFA 23: Activate and deactivate cross play

With the cross play function in FIFA 23 you can play against other players across platforms. With us, you can find out:

  • Which platforms are compatible with others
  • How your cross play is activated
  • How you deactivate the function again

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CROSSLY: Which platforms can play with each other?

FIFA 23 is the first branch in the series that enables cross play in most game modes . So you can challenge friends online in friendly games, take part in online season, have your FUT teams compete against each other or play FUT rivals, drafts and champions against each other.

The does not work with all platforms and not without restrictions. The reason is that there are two different versions of FIFA 23: old-gen and current gene. For example, the old gene versions on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One do not have the new running styles.

Therefore, only the following systems can start a match with each other:

  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

FIFA 23 for the Nintendo Switch has no cross play function.

activated and deactivates your cross play in FIFA 23

Cross play is automatically activated in FIFA 23 if your console settings allow interaction with other platforms. The function can be deactivated . Especially in FUT mode, you may not want to compete against a player who has the better controller on his platform or in general a better latency through the in-house servers.


To activate or deactivate cross play, you have to open the online settings in FIFA 23. You can find this in Fut, Volta Football and in the FIFA main menu. Select the player search options there and JA or no in Activate cross play.

However, keep in mind that the deactivation of the cross play function may lead to longer waiting times when searching for players **. Because only opponents of the same platform are available to you.

There are certain areas that you cannot separate from the cross play feature. ** These are, for example, global leaderboard or the FUT transfer market. Except PC and Switch, the latter is summarized in platform groups. So Xbox players can interact with the objects of PlayStation or stadium users.

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