FIFA 23: All the details of the special mode for the Qatar World Cup that will arrive very soon

A unique peculiarity in football has also affected FIFA 23 . Unlike the rest of the tournament editions, the World Cup in Qatar 2022 will be played mid-season. A situation that has forced Electronic Arts to adapt to the situation creating a special game mode for these dates. It was something we already knew. However, a company’s FIFA has caused PlayStation 5 players to take a look at all news long before it was planned.

This is the new Qatar World Cup mode in FIFA 23

Due to a ruling with the menus that allowed PlayStation 5 players to access to the special game of the Qatar World Cup from the activities tab, we have been able to take a look at the options it will include. The truth is that the novelties are not too remarkable, since the menu was full of what is known to placeholders. Images or profits that are only occupying a provisional hole until its final version arrives. However, it does give us some ideas of the ways planned by the company…

  • FIFA World Cup Live
  • FIFA World Cup Kick off
  • Online tournament
  • FIFA World Cup 2022 (customizable): This seems to be the way that will allow us to play the World Cup from the beginning to the final phase. As in 2018, he points out that we can play with selections that have not been classified to the tournament as long as they are licensed in the game.

Other leaks on the World Copy in FIFA 23

Other community leaks and our previous experience with world championships will also help us solve the great doubts of the players with respect to what will happen to FIFA 23 once the new ways are launched. For example, one of the most concerned about players is their integration with the traditional ultimate team. However, before entering that we will see the events and novelties that have been filtered.

  • There will be special World Cup heroes
  • There will be special World Cup icons
  • The event on the way to glory will be available during the World Cup
  • The showdowns’ collection will return
  • There will be a Tort (Team of the Tournament or Tournament team)
  • All World Cup stages will be added to the game
  • All World Cup selections will be playable

Additionally, we know that there will be a total of 48 selections . Although some very important (such as Italy) have not been able to qualify for the World Cup, in one way or another they will be present in the game mode. Additionally, the launch of the game mode has been leaked next November, although this does not tell us much: knowing that the 2022 World Cup begins on the 20th of that month, it was expected that the mode arrived or Two weeks before the championship start.

As for integration with Ultimate Team, there has been no news, but this is what we know thanks to other years. Keep in mind that there could be changes…

  • The main online mode The World Cup will work as Ultimate Team
  • Progress is independent, so Electronic Arts has more freedom to manage the market
  • In 2018 the 2 by 1 was introduced in envelopes. In this way, for each standard or premium on the World Cup’s Ultimate Team, an identical way in the traditional way was received.

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