Genshin Impact: The first details about his future anime are revealed in a filtration

Since the launch of Genshin Impact , we have not stopped receiving leaks that advanced some details about the future of the game. A situation that is repeated for the launch of the future anime inspired by the history of East. Of course, everything comes in the form of information without spoilers that only reveals some of the pillars that will hold the series. Nothing that we were not going to see a thousand times in future trailers before the retransmission of a series that is carrying out unable (Tales of Arise, Times no Yield) began.

All the details revealed about Genshin Impact’s anime

The first prominent point of Genshin Impact’s anime according to this filtration is that it will be a prequel . Instead of focusing on the events after the arrival of Ether and Lupine to East, the creators have decided to tell us the most interesting events prior to their landing. Of course, we talked about the Arc antes war , which took place about 500 years before the events that take place in the video game begin. In this sense, we can know more about how the conflict was lived in each of the regions.

Enjoying the Arc antes war would also be to see in first hand the fall of Henri’ah , which is one of the most mysterious events in the history of Genshin Impact. It was the eighth of the regions, but it is unknown exactly how it was or what happened to it. The only bad news is that, although the idea began to set 18 months ago, only 25% of production has been completed. This is relatively normal, since starting the project and defining the plot line or building the script is extremely expensive and more when Converse will be demanding with quality. However, it tells us that There is still some time to the premiere .

In any case, once you throw, we will have an anime by Genshin Impact for a while. If the leaks were confirmed, we would have a season in each of the regions that make up East . Great news for fans even if that implies having to wait a little longer to see Zwingli distributing the gods and monsters of Life, since as happened in the video game the plot will begin to develop from Ronstadt. Finally, the leak unlinks something we already knew: the quality standard in the animation will be high and the impressive visual effects. The trailer already showed this, and knowing that it is behind unable we can be more than calm.

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