How to find and use the gold rose seeds in Genshin Impact – a continuation of a gifted rose

Golden rose seeds are quest objects necessary to fulfill the hidden purpose of the study, which opens after the completion of the quest chain called gifted rose. You can get 80 additional Prisoners by performing these simple steps.

Given what has been said, you must perform the following quests chains before you can launch events in this guide:

  • Exile
  • Gifted rose

All Golden Rose Seeds locations in Genshin Impact

Firstly, you need to find three seeds of a gold rose around the desert to the pile. There are four of them, but for this purpose you need to collect only three-you can take the fourth as a memory. Contact the image above to find all the seeds of a gold rose.

Golden roses seeds are hidden in petrified flowers depicted above. They go well with the environment, so follow them to find them among herbaceous areas. To get seeds, you must attack a stone flower using Claymore which will show a luminous point of research. interact with him to get the X1 golden seed of the rose.

how to plant gold rose seeds in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled in the image above to find a plot of pale green grass. You will find three sparkling spots on the ground. Go to them to plant three seeds of a gold rose. After planting the seeds, it is necessary to use Pedro to each seed to help them grow. As soon as all three are completed, wait one day of real time or until the server is discharged before returning to factories. You must again apply Pedro to all three so that they can ripen in Golden Roses.

How to complete the hidden research task of Golden Rose Seeds in Genshin Impact

Having done all of the above, return to your grandfather. Afghan on a rock north of the village of ARU. You must talk to him three times . You will receive 30 Prisoners every time (only 90 Prisoners), and also get an item called Songs Among the Stones after you talk to it for the third time by completing the Hidden Exploration task.


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