How to get Ursalun in Pokemon Go?

Ni antic introduced several regional Pokémon of His in Pokemon Go, but some of the most popular have not yet appeared. Judging by the last ad, Urban will be the next Pokémon of His added to the game. At the bottom of the community in November 2022, Teddies will be represented, which will allow players to turn this Pokémon into Urban after the event.


How to catch Urban in Pokemon Go?

At the moment, players cannot catch Urban in the wild. Kristi Bear will not be available at all until November 2022. The community day Event, which will take place Saturday , November 12 , 2022 . In this event, the preliminary evolution of Ursula, Textures will be presented, so the players will need to catch a sufficient number of these Pokémon in order to get 125 sweets to turn into Urban.

The evolution of Urban in Pokemon Legends: Areas is a little unique, and the same will be true for its appearance in Pokemon Go Pokédex. Players will not be able to simply evolve in Urban at any time, instead they will need to do this during full moon hours (from November 12, 2022, 14:00 local time, until November 13, 2022, 6: 6: 6: 6: 00 local time) after the event Community Day. The development of Ursula during this time will also give players an exclusive technique of High Horsepower.

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