Where are the rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Mining is one of the best ways to replenish your treasury with star coins in Disney Dream light Valley. The best precious production stones are rarer, which are sold for more coins. If you are looking for rubies, we can help you find them.


where to find rubies in Disney Dream light Valley

Rubin scan only be found inside Vitaly Mine in the biome of a sunny plateau. You will need to at least start nature and education plot quest to unlock this area. Rubin scan be found in the extraction nodes with red crystals sticking out of them. Do not forget to take a friend from Disney with you, who increases the prey of minerals when you go to collect them. Thus, you will have a chance to get a bonus ruby for each fully obtained mining node.

Rubin scan be sold by GUI for1000-star coins a piece. If you are lucky, and you will find a brilliant ruby, they will be sold for 4000-star coins * a piece. You can also find sapphires, Vitaly crystals, gold nugget, iron ore, stone or coal ore during the extraction of Vitaly in the mine.

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