Genshin Impact: Kavehs look is leaked, the future character for which players are obsessed with

The Geshin Impact leakage series does not end, the new rumors point to the appearance of Have, which has already been mentioned in the history of the game by CNO and Collar . He is responsible for building the Alcazarzaray Palace, owned by Doris . The mysterious architect had his appearance and other details revealed.

Everything we know about Have

In addition to an image that shows us your face, other information about Have has been revealed thanks to SaveyourPhos, one of the most straight Twitter accounts aimed at the game, which usually leaks information. Moreover, possibly his personality will reflect on combat, the architect is a true inventor who only lives to build new things and the construction will be part of his skill kit. But there is not yet so much information on what the implementation in the game will be.

About his appearance, Have has a striking face. For the delicate design and blond hair, it still resembles the traveler in a scenario which he is older.

So far, the rarity has not been disclosed or what kind of weapon he will use. Based on its design there have been speculation that it can be a four-star Pedro. ** This assumption, however, is not totally reliable, and it is better to expect new leaks to appear or Hoovers to officially confirm it.


Some fans believe Yeah can compete with Kamikaze Amato and become one of the most beloved male characters. Of course, while its kind of design can be similar, considering how well Kamikaze Amato sold in its banner, it would not be surprising if Genshin Impact developers tried to repeat their success.

Next updates

Version 3.2 will be available on November 2, making players wait for Bahia , Arc hon Pedro and Cry, Layla . The Summer region has featured a vast list of interesting and new characters are still coming, to receive Yeah may have to wait a little longer.

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