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When you express ‘Hero Legend You’s Trajectory’ in a word, there will be no more suits than the word ‘Falcon’s heresy’. As such, You Travel was a game that bounced through the trajectory series as well as hero legend series. Representatives include one-time graphics and new combat systems. In particular, this combat system was shocked to the series fans with the combination of command battles and action field battles. The action of the trajectory series has been eliminated through the action that can be bored while maintaining the strategic elements of the unique command battle. It could be said to be the biggest change in the hero legend series.

Of course, it wasn’t just a change of change. As a hero legend series, which was originally rated as an OST restaurant, it was still outstanding OST and story. I didn’t miss the strategic elements of the command battle. As a result, You Travel has the greatest repercussion throughout the trajectory series, and has been acclaimed from the series fans.

The official sequel to You Travel, ‘Hero Legendary You Travel 2’, was finally released on the 27th. Anti-Arcride and his colleagues, who ended the crisis of unprecedented oil, gathered again in the process of solving some kinds of events. If you have been satisfied with the previous work, ‘You Travel 2’ is also a game that will be satisfactory in many ways. This does not mean that I just followed the previous work. Because there are more improvements. It is ‘You Travel 2’, which seems to have no big difference from the previous work. Let’s talk about the change from now on.

※ There may be some spoilers related to the story

Game Name : Hero Legend You Travel 2-Crimson SIN→ Genre Name : Turn-based Story RPG
release date : 2022. 10. 27.


Review : 1,011,000
Developer : Nixon Falcon
Service : Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Platform : PS4, PS5
Play : PS5


Time leaf system that changes destiny Life is C between B and D

The story of You’s Travel 2 is a form that continues in the previous work. As the threat of the Mafia Organization Ara ta disappeared, the Calved Republic again reinforced a peaceful daily life. The same is true of the protagonist and his colleagues who solved the crisis of this unprecedented oil.

They all went back to their lives. But peaceful daily life does not last long. There was a new threat in the invisible. The anti-arcride and his colleagues, who have detected this crisis, begin to see the cause of some kind of events in their own positions to keep peace.

However, there is nothing special in itself. It’s literally about the storyline of You Travel 2. Each game has a story. The important thing is how to organize and use the story. You’s Travel 2 brought a time leaf system to differentiate it from the previous work in terms of the story. It will be expected what the system is in the name of Time Leaf. In short, it’s a system that goes back to a specific quarter and changes the foreseen future.

This can be said to be a more enhanced form of L.G.C Alignment, which may be the previous system. It’s a wider range of changes in the options. In the previous work, depending on what choice you made, you would have different tendencies and party members. The options are not just a fingerprint, but a change.

The time leaf system added in ‘You Travel 2’ is a system that expands these choices to a wider range. However, it is a little different from the general options. Above all, the time leaf is a rather compulsory system. It is called time leaf, so it may be considered to be able to reverse the wrong choice at any time, but the reality is slightly different. This is because it is only when class and colleagues lose their lives because of the wrong choice. It’s a system that finds a new branch by using death as a trigger.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a system that follows the story. As life has countless choices and a crossroads, the quarter of You’s Travel 2 is not much different. At first, there are only one or two branches, so it’s easy to find a new branch with a time leaf, but as you play the game, the quarter will increase. In order to avoid the defined death, the player has no choice but to pioneer a new path.

The change in the quarter due to this time leaf changes the result with a kind of butterfly effect. By making a different choice, the planned future will change. However, it is not unfortunate. The biggest regret related to the time leaf system is that these changes, less room for players to intervene in the quarter. No matter what choice you make, there’s no such element to find a hint to open a new branch to prevent such death, but the problem is that there are few such factors.

Most branches, Time Riffs, do not need to collect or collect hints. Literally, in the game story, I naturally chose A, but this time it was just a way to choose B. In other words, it is called time leaf, but strictly speaking, it is not much different from just doing a story. If you expect to be more actively involved in Time Reef, it may be a bit disappointing.

A more advanced combat system, a little more

In the case of the story, the time-leaf system has expanded the change according to the options, and the combat system has differentiated by adding new elements in each of the command and action field battles. As you can see from the beginning of Falcon’s heresy, ‘You’s Trajectory’ is a different sense from the existing series in many ways.

First, the change in the combat system was. The hero legend series and the trajectory series were basically command battle, so-called turn-based methods. In the combat system, ‘You Travel’ introduced an action field battle system. And as a result, we almost completely solved the disadvantages of each combat system.

Command battle systems are the most important tactics and strategies. The same is true of the ‘You Travel’. In the command battle, you need to move the character in consideration of the skill range or considering the connection with other characters nearby. Because colleagues are stronger when they are together. Of course, gathering is not just good.

You should also consider what the enemy attacks. This is because it may be wrong and can only be swept away by the enemy’s range of attacks. The command battle system itself is the ‘You Travel’, which is the most advanced hero legend series, but there is no drawback. This is part of the battle. It might be a natural limit for turn-based.

The action field battle system is a system to solve these inherited disadvantages, and is characterized by real time, unlike command battles. Thanks to this, it gives a light and exciting action sense that is hard to feel on the turn. Except for the boss war, you can freely switch command and field battles during the battle. Usually, you can enjoy fast action with field battle, and then you can switch to a command battle system so that you can battle without a single match.

The combat system unique to You Travel has developed further in You’s Travel 2. New elements have been added to each battle system. ‘Cross Charge’ is an action element newly added to the field battle. When you avoid just, you will be triggered. If you press the button, the operation will be changed to the corresponding party members and the charging attack will be blown. At the same time, the member will strengthen the speed of field action as the attack is strengthened.

The same is true of the ‘EX chain’ added to the command battle. EX directing when the enemy is in stun status can be used by spending one or more S boosts. If you have a party member nearby, you can connect it. These two systems shine even more when combined with each other. You can use the EX chain immediately by triggering the cross charges and making the enemy in a stunned state and switching to a command battle, so you can use the EX chain immediately.

As such, ‘You’s Travel 2’ has increased its options in many ways in relation to the combat system compared to its predecessor. It doesn’t matter if it’s like a previous work, but the newly added elements are not awkward, and they are naturally used. However, one thing is unfortunate that the change in the combat system is not that big. It’s literally more advanced, but it’s just a little more. Of course, there is room for truth. It would have been difficult to make a big change in order to have a continuity as a You trajectory series set in the Calved Republic.

In that sense, the change in the ‘You Travel 2’ combat system can be seen as the maximum change as much as possible. It means that we have expanded it more while inheriting the characteristics of the previous work.

In a good or bad sense, You Travel 2 is a sequel to the previous work. In a good sense, as in the previous series, the story line that connects with the previous work and the new elements pursued the fun of the similar and different ‘You Travel 2’. This is a clear advantage. Because it is ‘Yuval Travel 2’ where the story is connected, most of them are gamers who have previously works.

But in other words, it can be said that the elements of the previous work are just a little longer. And actually so. There is no significant change except for the time leaf, cross charges, and EX chains mentioned above. It is no exaggeration to say that the new feature is added a little more in the expansion pack.

Therefore, the evaluation of You Travel 2 seems to be mixed. If you were disappointed in the previous work, it would be the same with You Travel 2. On the contrary, if you are a fan of heroes and trajectory series, ‘You Travel 2’, which has inherited and developed its previous work, is also a satisfying game.

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