There are many proposals for acquisition of Kojima Company, but still maintain independence

Kolyma Video said he received a proposal to buy his game studio almost every day.

Kolyma Video held his sporty pie podcast episode 10 as a game event and the game award (TGA) on his local time. Jeff Kaye, a representative and host of TGA and a deep acquaintance with Kolyma, appeared in a podcast.

On this day, Kolyma talked with Jeff Kayla to talk about various new rumors to views on game media. In particular, the industry’s attention is related to the proposal of the acquisition of Kolyma Productions. Kolyma has often received a ridiculously high suggestion and has opened his mouth for rumors that have been steadily.

In the meantime, the acquisition of Kolyma Productions by large game companies, including Sony and Xbox, the two platform holders, has occurred several times, depending on the remarks and industry atmosphere of various internal sources.

Sony’s acquisition rumors, which have maintained close collaboration since the establishment of the studio, came out if to forget. Sony has supported Kolyma Productions from Guerrilla Games with Design Engine, a game engine for Horizon Zero Dunn. In particular, when Kolyma shared the contents of his game, Death Stranding, in the Sony Main Banner image, some opinions were actually recognized.

Microsoft’s Xbox has been acquired by Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, and the rumors that Kolyma Productions have also been on the list of Kolyma were also on the list. In addition, as the XBOX & Bethesda showcase held in June became known, the collaboration with the concept that was not seen before through cloud technology was known. Journalist Jeff Grub, who conveys the contents of various internal sources, also insisted that XBOX continued to trade with Kolyma Productions before collaboration.

Whenever these rumors turn around, Kolyma said that the acquisition rumor is not true. However, it has not been revealed whether the actual acquisition transaction has come and went. Kolyma acknowledged that the acquisition proposal actually came and went through his podcast.

However, Kolyma said that it maintains independence by revealing the desire for the game he wants to make rather than money.

In the meantime, Kolyma has revealed that Kolyma Productions are ‘indie’ game warriors even for the size of the studio and the cost of large game development. The company’s establishment was also found independently of money from his pocket without any funding.

Kolyma presented a game different from the existing hit formula from Death Stranding, the first work, to match his own stance. In addition, he is currently establishing a film studio and is working hard to produce a film with deep interest and great interest. At the same time as the podcast release, Overdo’s play video, which is currently under development, has been leaked, and new works, which are scheduled to appear in Elle Fanning and UTSA Short, are also being developed. Information on the new work is expected to be confirmed through the TGA in December.

Meanwhile, Kolyma himself was podcast through Spotify in August, and he talked to Get Out, Earth’s director Jordan Phil, genius animator and director Ship Mamore, and Indian film director S. S. Ravioli.

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