How to increase Sonic Statistics in Sonic Frontiers

Being a longer trip than the typical Sonic, Sonic Frontiers outings give the player the ability to increase his statistics and, therefore, improve his effectiveness in combat as the adventure continues. If you are looking for specific information about How to increase Sonic statistics in Sonic Frontiers The information will then provide you with a clearer image.

How to increase the attack and defense of Sonic in Sonic Frontiers

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Defeat enemies, complete challenges and do almost everything in Sonic Frontiers will regularly grant the Seeds of Power and Seeds of Defense player. The first is represented by a collectible that resembles a pointed red heart, while the second looks like a smooth blue stone.

Every time you talk to the LOCO hermit NPC (in the photo above) in any area, he will take the two types of seeds that you have gained so far and make them levels of strength and defense, which reach the level 99.

How to increase the speed and ability of Sonic’s bell

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When it comes to increasing the maximum Sonic speed and the general capacity of the ring, things work in a slightly different way. Instead of seeds, Sonic needs to collect small bugs called locos that are scattered throughout the world of the game. Usually, they are found in high places and on top of objects in the environment.

To increase the speed and capacity of the bell, Sonic needs to visit the Elder Loco (in the photo above). However, instead of automatically taking them as the Loco hermit, Elder Loco will ask the player to decide if he wants to increase Sonic’s speed or ring capacity.

Anyone who chooses, the NPC will take 12 Loco every time any of these two statistics rise. Like attack and defense statistics, they also reach level 99.

As a final note, do not forget that both the types of seeds and the locos can be gained by participating in the fishing mini-game found in each main location. If you are interested in getting statistics increases through a different style of play, taking a break with Big the Cat is an excellent option.

More than that, the fishing mini-game also allows the player to catch the scrolls of Elder Loco and Hermit Loco, which allows them to teleport instantly to the NPC from anywhere in that area.

That is all you need to know about How to increase Sonic statistics in Sonic Frontiers . If you are looking for more tips for the Sonic game, you can check our guide that explains the differences between high speed style and action style. You can also enjoy reading our summary of how to gain skill points.

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